degenerate ape organization

welcome home, degen.

We are a small joint-investment DAO in which a randomly-generated Ape NFT makes you a DAO participant.

Transparency. Integrity. Sustainability.

our values

Building a sustainable DAO in a transparent and honest way by managing our NFT-funded treasury in the best way we know.

fair launch

Whole supply of NFTs was offered for sale - no Apes were held back for the team. 100% of NFT sale was used to form the Treasury.

underlying value

Ape NFT holders benefit from the value streams that we are planning to establish - APEinvest, APEvisory and APEducation.


The plan is to grow the ApeDAO into a fully functioning DAO in respect of decentralization and democratic management by Ape hodlers.

one of us! one of us!

Buy an Ape and join the culture.


ShimmerSea is the leading DEX/AMM & NFT marketplace on Shimmer EVM network.

apedao dapp

Our decentralised application with a purpose of making Ape NFTs liquid assets.


I have a question, ser..

Who is behind the ApeDAO project?

ApeDAO was founded by Alpha Rho - a DeFi explorer and a degen. His previous experience includes running his own marketing businesses and contributing to ApeSwap - a DEX/AMM on BNBC. He is full time in crypto for the past 2 years and currently contributes to IOTA / Shimmer ecosystem by working on ShimmerSea and ApeDAO projects.

What is next for ApeDAO?

ApeDAO project is still in its infancy so the initial focus will mostly be on building sustainable income streams to enable growth of the DAO. We plan to achieve this goal through our APEinvest branch which mostly focuses on deploying our Treasury to various DeFi protocols.

Do I need to own an Ape to become a part of the community?

Absolutely not. Anyone who will abide by our guidelines and Discord server rules is more than welcome to join and benefit from the knowledge that we share on a daily basis. One of the main focuses of the ApeDAO is and will always be its community, so a lot of efforts will go into further building our ape community. Fun, educational, formal and informal events are just some of the ideas that we currently have.

How does ApeDAO fund itself?

As of this moment, ApeDAO still doesn't spend its Treasury and it will remain like that until steady income stream has been built. Main driver for that will be the launch of the Shimmer EVM chain. Transparency is one of the core values in ApeDAO so all of the initial funding may be found here.

Is there a LitepAPEr which I can read?

Yes, feel free to read our LitepAPEr by visiting this link.

Still have questions?

Feel free to join our Discord server and chat with fellow degens.

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